Pom Wonderful Pomegranate Pom Juice Review

Pom Juice. Pom Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. Pom Wonderful Juice.

In this article, I am going to give my view on Pom Juice. Specifically, Pomegranate juice from Pom Wonderful, one of the most popular brands in the juice industry.

pom juice

The bottle shape is unique, with its double bubble look. It's designed to look like two pomegranates stacked on top of each other. Easily one of the most distinctive juice containers I've seen. Even though most marketing is obnoxious, it can be done well. Pom juice is effective without being offensive. I don't watch much television, so I haven't seen their commercials. That could change my opinion.

Pom Wonderful Juice has a rich, luxurious flavor and a pleasant mouth-feel. A wine taster would say it has a clean finish. It's refreshing and has a perfect blend of sweet and tart without being bitter. It has a deep, rich, color. The nutritionist in me likes that because it's an indication of a rich blend of carotenoids. Carotenoids convert to immune boosting Vitamin A, and further compliments the antioxidant profile.

This positive juice experience reflects the quality control that goes into Pom Wonderful products. Their website indicates that they grow and hand pick their fruits, no importing. Pom Wonderful pomegranates are pure California goodness.

They also use equipment they designed to use the minimum amount of pressure. This is probably why their juice products aren't bitter. An interesting fact about Pom Wonderful is that they juice the whole pomegranate. That's a plus because many nutrients and phytochemicals are contained in the outer husk.

Pom Juice is free of added sugar or coloring. Very nice touch. Each 16 ounce bottle has the juice of 4 pomegranates. That's impressive. All around, the tree to bottle process from Pom Wonderful is fantastic. I give them a good rating for cleanliness, purity, and quality. The only improvement would be an organic option. Being very health and ecology focused, I always appreciate manufacturers that support organic farming. Not necessary, but it'd be a nice option, even if it cost more.

Their ingredient list on their pure pomegranate juice product could be better. They add "natural flavors". I dislike that ingredient listing on any food product because it's unclear. Natural flavor could be anything. I believe it's weak that the FDA considers such terms acceptable. An ingredient list should be full disclosure.

The only other ingredient on the label is pomegranate juice from concentrate. That means they add water but it's not listed on their ingredient list. I would also be interested in finding out what quality water they use. I have yet to find that information.

How Much is a Bottle of Pom Juice?

One last minor criticism: Pom Wonderful Juice is expensive. How much is a bottle of Pom juice? I've juiced pomegranates before, I know they're precious. But nearly 4 dollars a bottle is a lot for 16 ounces of juice. All that elaborate marketing and fancy bottle manufacturing takes a toll and the price is paid by the consumer.

Knudsen makes Just Pomegranate juice for about the same price. I prefer the Knudsen product because it's packaged in glass instead of plastic and they don't add "natural flavors". They also offer an organic option.

All in all, I like the Pom Juice product. Given a choice, though, I would choose Knudsen over Pom Wonderful. If you do choose Pom, stick with their pure pomegranate juice and supplements. They've branched out into products that don't maintain the health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice.

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