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Aims to become a giant in the global blood products industry

Talent Policy and Concept:

Use of talents based on their performance and optimization of deployment

Focus on development and based on cultivation 

Encourage versatile talents and promote them internally with preemption 

Talent Selection and Employment Criteria:

We wish that you have 

Professionalized work ethics and follow social moral standards;

Essential professional background and excellent performance;

Good adaptability and communicating skills;

Will for long-term development and self management.  

HR Strategy:

Based on the Company’s quality policy of “quality, efficient and safe”, the Company’s HR strategy is to accumulate human resource capitals, build corporate culture, establish the human resource system attracting talents, retaining talents and cultivating talents, optimize performance evaluation and salary incentive mechanism and provide comprehensive human resource services for the Company’s overall strategy through dynamic and efficient development of human resources. 

HR Advantages:

Talents are valuable resources of an enterprise. Shanghai RAAS has an efficient cooperation team consisting of excellent R&D, production technology, quality control and marketing management. People orientation and technical leading are two major core competences of Shanghai RAAS. 

Shanghai RAAS attracts talents through multiple channels. Now, the Company hires 17 employees who hold a Ph.D degree by studying in China or overseas and gaining excellent academic performances, 23 employees who hold a master’s degree in pharmacy, biology or management science and over 158 employees who hold a bachelor’s degree in production, quality, marketing and management. Most of front-line workers have a junior college education level.

Welcome to join Shanghai RAAS!

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