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The Magic Bullet Juicer is a versatile machine that can make smoothies, dips, sauces, baby food and with it's juicer attachment can do juicing as well.

Taking up little more space than the width of a coffee cup, it is small enough to fit in any kitchen. With all of it's many functions it can replace several kitchen appliances including a blender, food proccessor, juice extractor, hand chopper, coffee grinder and pepper grinder. It packs a lot of functionality into a tight little package.

Magic Bullet Juicer As Seen on TV Reviews


MSRP: $99
Type: Blender Juicer
Motor: 850 Watt
Casing: Plastic

Space saving: the width of a coffee mug
Versatility: smoothies, baby food, dips, sauces, vegetable chopper, coffee grinder and juices
Ease of use: Very few parts, simple to use
Ease of cleaning: Dishwasher safe, clean up in under five minutes

Plastic gaskets: The plastic gaskets that keep the blender cups from leaking can become dislodged and damaged.
Plastic everything: Everything except for the stainless steel blades is made of fairly lightweight plastic. It requires a gentle touch.
Warranty: Only one year.

It's extremely easy to use. Instead of a standard pitcher that sits on top of a blender, the Magic Bullet Blender uses inverted oval cups (you get six with the package).

To use it, you simply add your ingredients to the dome cup, pop it onto the base and press down with your hand. No buttons to push and within seconds you're done.

Cleaning up is fast as well. There are only a few parts: the dome cups, the blade, a gasket, and the base. The base can be wiped down by hand. The dome cup, blade and gasket can be rinsed within seconds or put into your dishwasher. The Magic Bullet Juicer gets our five lime rating for ease of use and clean up time.


With so many uses, how does it perform? The Magic Bullet Juicer shines as a versatile, compact blender.

It can easily whip up smoothies, frozen drinks, soft dips and sauces, although like most blenders it has a hard time grinding standard sized ice cubes. It falters slightly when it comes to heavy-duty performance.

The high-torque engine is about the same strength as most blenders on the market. That means it doesn't have the strength for juicing ginger and other hard root vegetables. It also means sustained coffee or pepper grinding can wear down the engine over time.

When it comes to making salsas or chopping veggies, it doesn't perform as well as a basic hand chopper. The problem? The engine is too strong and makes a "veggie soup" out of everything, rather than chopped up chunks of tomato or onion. That "veggie soup" is an excellent puree however, and can be used in many recipes.

It performs well as a citrus juicer and fruit juicer, but has a little more difficulty with juicing vegetables. It juices softer vegetables with ease, but carrots cause a strain, and any vegetable harder than a carrot is very taxing on the motor. The results? The Magic Bullet Juicer gets our three lime rating for performance.


The Magic Bullet Blender is a light-duty juicer designed for light-duty tasks. Many users have no trouble with their magic bullet, but there are numerous user reviews talking about small pieces breaking off over time, making the whole machine unfunctional.

The majority of the parts are not available separately, so if a small part on the motor base breaks (the most frequently mentioned problem reported), you need a whole new base. Additionally if your warranty is over, replacement parts are pricey, if available at all.

The limited warranty is, well, extremely limited. It covers one year which seems like a long time. The trouble comes when actually using the warranty.

Service and replacement parts are very difficult to get, and are only available if you purchase your Magic Bullet straight from the magic bullet infomercial website unless you jump through some seriously convoluted hoops. What kind of hoops?

You must prove you have a genuine Magic Bullet Blender by giving them a copy of your original UPC code. To order replacement parts without the original UPC code you must provide the company with a copy of the front cover, warranty page, and back cover of the 10-Second Recipe book.

You must also take four pictures of various parts of the power base, and a picture of the box it came in. Then you must tell them how many pieces came in your kit, the color of the box your juicer came in, when you purchased it, and what color the center gear on the main base is.

Wowsa! If you can do all that, wouldn't the UPC code still be on the box you're taking pictures of? Durability is definately an issue, and this company, Homeland Housewares, doesn't seem to be especially concerned about providing a "long-term" product. As a result we have to give a one lime rating for durability.

Who should Buy It

If you're planning on light duty juicing, and want to use all of the other functions as well, this machine will work great for your needs. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and lightweight enough to throw it in a cupboard when you're done for the day.

With the wide range of functions and a 100 page recipe book, you'll find uses for the Magic Bullet Juicer that you've never considered with another blender or juicer. At around or under a $100, it's a low-priced machine for juicing and more.

However if you're looking for a juice extractor that's built for daily or weekly use, and years of durability, you should definitely search further. If you plan on juicing more than one time a week, it will be a much better investment to get a durable juicer for just a little more money. In the same price range as the Bullet Express is the Juiceman Jr, a stainless steel beauty for only $99 which we've given our Top Choice Award in the under $100 category.

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