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Aims to become a giant in the global blood products industry

  • Release date:2015-09-21
    Job description:


     After the training in Shanghai RAAS, you will be sent to the subsidiary plasma centers to participate in the management of the plasma centers and to assist them to complete the work target assigned by Shanghai RAAS.


    1. College degree or above in biology, medicine, testing, biochemistry or related discipline;

    2. At least 3 years working experience and those have management experience in blood or plasma centers are preferred;

    3. Those familiar with ISO9001, GMP and other quality management systems are preferred;

    4. Honesty, integrity, sense of responsibility, strong ability of organization, communication, coordination, management and spirit of team working is required;

    5. good Chinese and English writing skills and proficiency in computer operation;

       good Chinese and English writing skills and proficiency in computer operation;

    6. Be accustomed to frequent business travel;

    7. work location: GuangXi, HuNan, ShanXi, HaiNan.

  • Release date:2015-08-20
    Job description:

    1.Collect valuable information about the new product research.

    2.Establish the production program of the new product.

    3.Lead and manage all the experiments in the production process, and ensure timely.

    4.Write the process report and manufacturing work order.

    5.Review and amend work protocols, progress reports and final reports for preformulation projects handled.


    1. Master degree and above (immunology, hematology, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, medicine).

    2. In depth knowledge with quality control, particularly solve practical problems.

    3. Experience with related work experience preferred.     

    4. Good spoken and written communication skills in English.

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