Best Juicer Reviews Between $100 and $200

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Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. Juiceman Juicer. Breville Juice Fountain.

Check out all of our Juicer Reviews between $100 and $200 retail with our handy "quick glance" section that shows ever juice extractor we've reviewed within this price range.

Juicer Reviews Between $100 and $200

Looking for a great juicer that won't tax your bank account? We've saved you the time of sifting through a ton of reviews that aren't within your price range. We've categorized all of our juicer reviews by price to make it simple for you to see all of the juicers that fall between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

juiceman pro juicer review

Juiceman Juicer Pro Reviews :
At a retail price of $179 the centrifugal Juiceman Juicer Pro has all the bells and whistles. You get a 1,000 watt motor, stainless steel exterior for "no staining", titanium coated cutting blades for durability, three speed versatility settings and a childproof safety mechanism. Find out why we think this pro really is a "pro".

breville juice fountain plus juice reviews

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer Review :
This centrifugal juicer from Breville should be a step up from the less costly Breville Juice Fountain Compact, but we have concerns. There are simply too many reports of premature motor blow outs with this machine. In fact, we keep expecting the typically upstanding Breville company to recall the model. We're not holding our breath though. Find out why this $149 juicer gets a big pass from us...

breville juice fountain ikon

Breville Juice Fountain Ikon Juicer Reviews :
The Ikon, at $199 retail, is a giant step up for Breville in comparison to the Plus. It's a streamlined 900 watt machine with 5 speed settings, stainless steel exterior, and a built in smart chip for more juicing versatility. It's a nice little machine that deserves a good look if you're shopping in this price range.

jack lalanne juicers deluxe

Jack Lalanne's Power Deluxe Review :
At $119 retail, the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Deluxe graces many household countertops. Featuring a silver and black color, a 250 watt motor, and single speed juicing, it doesn't keep up with the competition in this price range. Our verdict, keep looking!

jack lalanne power pro juicer review

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Reviews :
For $149, the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is at the top of this line's class. What's the $30 difference between it and the Deluxe from Lalanne? A stainless steel finish vs. a silver coated plastic finish. Unfortunately, the 250 watt motor is the same, as well as the lack of variable speeds. We give it a pass...