Best Juicer Reviews Under $100

The Best Juicer Reviews Under $100. Top Juice Extractors.
Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. Juiceman Jr Juicer. Breville. Magic Bullet.

Check out all of our Juicer Reviews by price for a handy quick glance of every juice model we've reviewed under $100. It's a quick place to scan all of our reviews.

Juicer Reviews : Under $100

Looking for a juicer that won't break the bank? Then don't waste your time sifting through a ton of reviews that aren't in your price range. We've categorized our juice extractor reviews by price to make it quick and easy for you to see all of the juicers that cost less than $100 retail.

juiceman jr juicer review

Juiceman Jr. Juicer Review :
At $99 retail the centrifugal Juiceman Jr. offers a 700 watt juicing machine with lots of vroom. This little beauty in stainless steel offers variable two speed juicing for lots of variety, child proof safety features, an oversized feed chute for less chopping and durability. Find out why it takes the prize as overall best juicer in the $100 juicer review category.

compact best juicer reviews

Breville Compact Juicer Review :
The centrifugal Breville Compact Juicer has a lot of perks for its $99 price tag. In an attractive silver satin finish, the Breville Juice Fountain Compact offers a 700 watt motor, three inch feed chute, and lightning fast juicing and clean up time. Find out why we've given it a top choice award and why it's our runner-up for the best juicer award in the $100 category.

jack lalanne power classic

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Review :
Also at $99 is the well-known centrifugal Classic Power Juicer by Jack Lalanne. Does this juicing machine live up to the competition? With a tiny 250 watt motor, a plastic filter basket, and lots of reported motor failures, this juice extractor is nowhere near the top of our best buy list. Read the review to make up your own mind about the Classic by Jack.

magic bullet juice

Magic Bullet Juicer Review :
The Magic Bullet, a multi-function household appliance with juicing capabilities retails at 2 for $99. This little machine is a blender, food proccessor, smoothie maker, hand chopper and coffe grinder in addition to its juicing functions. Sound like a dream come true? It's a case of one item trying to do so many things it doesn't do well at any of them. Check out our review to find out why this little machine should be reserved as a party drink maker and not as a juice machine.