Juiceman Juicers As Seen on TV Reviews

Juiceman Juicers. Consumer Reviews of Juiceman Juicer As Seen on TV.

Juiceman Juicers became popular during the 1990's with Jay "Juice Man" Kordich's late night as seen on tv infomercials. They've stood the trials of time and made a lasting name for themselves in the juicing world.

Juiceman Juicers are a Top Pick

If you're looking for a home juicer with lots of bells and whistles and the ability to juice many varieties of fruits and vegetables, Juiceman juicers are a good way to go.

With the latest unveiling of the Juiceman Jr. and Juiceman Pro models in classy stainless steel this line of juicers stepped into the modern world. Couple that with multi-speed functions, child-proof safety features, easy clean-up and durable motors, and you'll start to wonder why they are priced as inexpensively as they are. We sure did!

The two models, the Jr. at $99, and the Pro at $179, handle one of the broadest varieties of juicing capabilities of any centrifugal model out there, except for the Breville Juice Fountain Elite which has a hefty price tag of $299.

They can handle citrus, soft fruits, hard fruits, veggies, hard veggies like ginger and beets, and greens. That's quite a feat for two little juicers under $200.

Read our Juiceman reviews below to find out why we gave one of them our Top Choice Award in the $100 juicer category...

Juiceman Juicers Reviews

juiceman jr juicer review

The Juiceman Jr wins our overall best juicer award in the $100 category. Let's take a look at why we rank it so highly. First, a stainless steel juicer for only $100? Who else offers that? Then two speed settings, child-proof safety switches, LCD display, 700 watt motor, decent juice output from everything except wheatgrass, and once again stainless steel exterior? Wow.

Take a look around. The Juiceman Jr. provides more features than any other $100 juicer and the company has a reputation for durability and quality. It probably won't last 30 years but chances are you're going to have it for at least 5 or 10 years. We equate the Juiceman Jr. as the Hyundai of cars. It packs in features found only on more expensive models, has durability to boot, and offers it all for way less than the rest of the centrifugal juicer companies out there. We're surprised more people don't rave about it! Read the full review for all the details.

juiceman juicer pro review

The Juiceman Juicer Pro has several upgrades to the Junior version. Replace two speeds with three speeds, a 700 watt motor with a 1000 watt motor, and stainless steel cutting blades with titanium coated cutting blades.

Making a choice between these two really comes down to a matter of price: how much you want to spend and how much you want the upgrades. The 1000 watt motor will handle hard veggies with a little more ease than the 700 watt motor on the Juiceman Jr, although the Jr can handle most households juicing needs. The big difference is in the cutting blades. Titanium coated blades are at the top of the industry in centrifugal juicer designs. They last longer without dulling than the standard stainless steel, which reduces replacement costs tremendously and keeps the juicer working at optimal levels longer. Read the full review to find out more about the Pro model.