How to Make Beet Juice

Juicing Beets for Health. How to Make Beetroot Juice.

Many folks having heard about the health benefits of beets wonder how to make beet juice at home. We've created a quick and easy guide for you to learn how to make fresh beetroot juice with your home juicer.

What you need to Make Beet Juice

how to make beet juice

Beets, being a hard root vegetable, need to be juiced in a juicer. If you don't have a juicer, you can pick up an inexpensive model for around $30. If you're new to juicing it is best to start off with an inexpensive juicer to see if you're going to like it.

The most common types of juicers in this price range are centrifugal juicers. Most are quite capable of handling hard vegetables like beets.

The added benefit to getting a juicer is that in addition to making beet juice, you'll be able to make many other types of fresh vegetable and fruit juices as well.

You will also need a cutting board, a sharp knife, and of course the beets! Now let's get into the specifics about how to make beet juice.

How to Make Beet Juice

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Step 1: Decide how much beet juice you want to make.
Scientific studies show that even just 1 ounce of beet juice a day can give you the health benefits of beets. 1 ounce of beet juice can be made from approximately the equivalent of half of one small beet or a quarter of a large one. If you know you want more than 1 ounce of beet juice, or plan on making enough for several people, adjust the amount of beets accordingly.

Step 2: Rinse your beets.
Cut of the top greens of your beets (if they were included) and rinse your beet roots. If you prefer you can also scrub the outside of the beets with a produce brush to get any dirt off that won't remove easily with a water rinse. If you prefer you can also peel your beets, however the skin contains a lot of nutrients and its better to leave it intact.

Step 3: Cut your beet roots.
Depending on the size of your juicers feed chute and the strength of its motor, cut your beets into halves or quarters. We recommend cutting all of your beets at one time before starting to juice them.

Step 4: Juice your beets.
You're on to the final step! It's time to juice your beets in your juicer. Simply place a chunk of the beet root into the feed chute and press down gently with the included plunger. The motor may strain slightly because beets are a very hard vegetable. Give it time and don't force the juicer to juice them too quickly. A gentle press with the plunger is enough.

Step 5: It's time to drink!
The beet juice, a beautiful deep red, will now be pouring into the juicer pitcher. It's time to pour a glass and enjoy!

We've got more tips for how to make beet juice below....

More Tips for How to Make Beet Juice

how to make beet juice

Beet juice on its own has an earthy rich flavor. I personally enjoy it, but some find it to be pungent. You can get the health benefits of drinking beet juice and have a pleasant flavor by mixing it with other juices.

A classic recipe is the Carrot Beet Ginger Morning Zinger. For one person: juice 1/2 a beet, 4 carrots, and a one inch piece of fresh ginger. The carrot juice dilutes the flavor of the beets and the ginger adds tremendous health benefits as well as a zesty zing. Drink this and you won't need coffee anymore!

You can change the beet juice recipe to suit your tastes, or add in any other combination of vegetables you like. Half an apple will give the juice a sweeter flavor if you find it too savory for your taste buds. A celery stalk is a common addition, as well as spinach, parsnip and cucumber.

Another tip: You can juice the leafy green tops of your beets as well. Some folks prefer the straight beet roots, but the tops are edible as well and make a nice addition to the juice. Simply rinse the tops and run them through your juicer at the same time you do the beet roots.

How Long will it Take to Make a Glass of Beet Juice?

Now that you know how to make beet juice, let's look at how long it will take. Fresh vegetable juicing isn't the same as opening up the fridge and pouring a glass of juice. It takes a little time to prep for your glass of fresh beet juice. You will need to set up your juicer, prep the beets by rinsing and cutting them, juice them, and then clean the various parts of your juicer.

Depending on the type of juicer you have and how much quantity you plan on making, it can 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Alot of it depends on how much you make at one time. For one glass using a centrifugal juicer it will take about 15 minutes.

Some people will find the time spent preparing their fresh glass of beet juice to be enjoyable and meditative. Others may not have the patience. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider some of the ready made beet juices that are available for sale.

Is Beet Juice Healthy?

Recent studies have found that a one ounce serving of beet root juice every day can lower blood pressure. Since 25% (that's right 25%!) of the world's population faces high blood pressure at some point during their lives, this new finding is something scientists are delving into deeply.

We've got a whole page dedicated to the health benefits of beet juice if you're interested in reading more on the subject. Or you can check out a list of beet juice side effects, but don't worry! The side effects are very rare!

Now that you know how to make beet juice, you're ready to get started! Grab your juicer and get started...

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