How to Choose the Best Juicer For You

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How to choose the best juicer : Making the decision to buy a juicer can change your life. It is an investment in your health, that will continue to reward you year after year.

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is one of the best choices you can make for your health, but it's essential to choose the right machine for your needs. Otherwise it will gather cobwebs in the back of your kitchen pantry! Read on to find out how to choose the perfect juicer for you and your families needs...

Which Juicer is Right for You?

choose the best juicer

Which juicer is right for you? The answer will be different depending on what you plan on juicing, how much you want to spend, and how important maximum juice yield is for you.

To help simplify your selection we've creating a mini juicer buying guide that outlines the five most important factors to consider.

Coupled with our objective juicer reviews and consumer reviews found here on our site, you'll be buying the best juicer for you in no time!


Not all juicers are made the same. Some juice extractors can break down quickly, especially if they have many cheap plastic parts. Look for companies that offer quality warranties. It's a sign that they believe in their product. A warranty should be at least 5 years, unless you want to buy cheap and replace frequently.


If you plan on frequent juicing, look for a strong engine. A minimum guideline for centrifugal juicers that you'll see frequently is 1/4 horsepower (250 watts). For centrifugal models (the most common and inexpensive style of juicer), we think 250 watts is way too weak. Look for a minimum of 700 watt motors. A centrifugal extractor with a weak engine can wear out quickly from regular use. For single gear, twin gear, press, or masticating juicers, motor strength goes the other way. 250 watts is ample for these slower but more durable juicer styles. So a quick rule of thumb is: centrifugal juicers = 700 watts or more, other juicer styles = 250 watts is ample.


Another factor people often don't consider is how easy will it be to use their new juicer. Ease of use varies dramatically from brand to brand, and sometimes even from model to model! Here's some questions to consider: How many parts do you have to assemble each time you juice? How long does it take to clean? Can you move it easily from countertop to pantry or does it weight 50 pounds? If it's not easy to use, you'll find yourself juicing less frequently. Consider which is more important to you, a quick juicer that takes a few minutes to clean, or a more time consuming juicer that produces more juice. It's different for everyone. If you want a quick and easy juicer and aren't as concerned with buying "the juicer of a lifetime" look at our centrifugal juicer reviews for Juiceman and Breville.


A good machine can extract a lot more juice per pound than a cheaper one. How much more? A quality juicer gets about 25% more juice per pound of produce than a bargain basement brand. If you plan on juicing frequently it's worth the initial investment in a better juicer. You'll make up the difference in price within one year of regular use. For highest juice yield, check out our reviews of the Green Star, Champion and Norwalk juicers.


The mini-guide wouldn't be complete without adding in the price factor. Sure the Norwalk is the best juicer for everything, but are you ready for the high price tag? Maybe you're looking for a low-price model and want to know which juicer brand is best for say $100 (we'll make it easy on you, it's the Juiceman Jr!). Price is definitely a factor for most people, so take it into consideration now so you don't waste your time by falling in love with for example the "do-it-all" Green Star Elite when you only have a budget for a $50 juicer.


After reading our mini-guide about how to choose the best juicer you should be armed with the knowledge of what to look for while reading our reviews. Choose the most important factors for you between easy juicing, juice quality, durability and price. Then when you're looking at our juicer reviews you'll see that we've highlighted these four features in a handy-dandy column on the right side of each review page. The chart gives a quick overview and helps you see at a glance whether a model is worth looking at further or if you're ready to scratch it off your list.

You can also check out how we create our juicer reviews to read up on the process of what makes our reviews objective and thorough.