Champion Juicer Instructions

Instructions for the Champion Fruit and Vegetable Juicer.

Champion Juicer Instructions : Sometimes folks lose their instructions, or buy a used Champion that didn't come with any. We assembled a list of instructions to make it easy to start using your juicer. Read on for all the details...

Champion Juicer Instructions for Assembly

champion juicer instructions

1) To assemble your Champion juicer start by oiling the shaft with coconut oil or olive oil. Make sure not to use anything else as oil. If you use butter, margarine, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil it may clog your juicer.

2) Once the shaft is oiled slide your cutter onto it. Make sure to align the flat edge of the shaft with the flat edge of the cutter hole.

3) Once the cutter is in place, slide the body over the cutter. Hold the body in a horizontal position with the feeder throat facing down.

4) Attach your juicer screen into the grooves then slide the screen holder over the top of the screen.

5) Lock the body of your juicer. To do so, turn the body counter clockwise and match the openings on the back with prongs that are on the hub. Once the body matches the prongs slide the body back as far as it will go and turn it to the left to lock it.

6) Place a bowl under the screen and a bowl under the tapered opening. One will get your juice as it comes out of the Champion and the other will gather your pulp.

7)Make sure your Champion juicer is plugged in and you're ready to start juicing!

Tip #1: If you plan on using other functions of your Champion instead of straight juicing, using the blank instead of the screen.

Tip #2: Don't use the funnel for juicing. It is for use with the homogenizing function when adding nuts and berries.

Champion Juicer Instructions for Juicing

Once your Champion fruit and vegetable juicer is assembled, you're ready to start juicing!

1) Prepare all of your fruits and vegetables before starting to juice. Rinse your produce and pre-chop any pieces that are too large to fit into the feed chute. Remove any rinds, peels, and pits that you do not want in your juice.

2) Place your first fruit or veggie into the feed chute and press down lightly with the tamper. Add the produce at a steady rate and make sure to hold the tamper in place for a few seconds after each piece has exited the feed chute. This eliminates clogging.

3) Juice will enter the bowl underneath the screen and pulp will enter the bowl placed under the tapered pulp exit.

4) Keep juicing until you're done!

Tip #1: Refrigerate your produce before juicing. This will eliminate some of the juice heating that occurs as you make your juice.

Tip #2: If your Champion juicer clogs during juicing, simply hold the tamper down in place applying a light downward pressure on it. This typically clears it right up without having to disassemble the machine.

Tip #3: The Champion juicer, because it uses a masticating method of extraction, produces slightly pulpy and foamy juice. If the amount of pulp or foam bothers you, run the juice through a fine screen strainer (provided with each juicer). If you purchased a used Champion juicer, a hand-held strainer can be purchased at any kitchen store (Bed Bath and Beyond carries them).


1) Wet Pulp : If your pulp seems overly wet it is most often caused by two different things. Feeding produce too quickly or a clogged screen. If it is wet because you added produce into the feed chute too rapidly, experiment with a slower speed the next time you juice. If it is too wet because of a clogged screen, you must disassemble the juicer, clean the screen, reassemble the juicer and start juicing again.

2) Wet Pulp when Juicing Fruits : Fruit contains more liquid and needs to be added to the juicer at a slower rate than vegetables. If you juice a lot of fruit at any one time, slow down how quickly you add the fruit.

Champion Juicer Instructions for Disassembly

1) Turn off your juicer and unplug it from the wall.

2) To remove the body, turn it clockwise and then pull it off from the juicer base.

3) Once the body is off, slide the cutter off the base.

4) Remove the screen.

Champion Juicer Instructions for Cleaning

You're probably tempted to drink that fresh glass of juice right now, but don't! If you hold off on cleaning your juicer right away, it will be very difficult in 20 minutes. The #1 rule is don't procrastinate!

1) Soak the juicer body, screen and screen holder in soapy water. The juice and pulp remnants will wash off all the parts easily, except for the screen. Use a stiff brush to remove all of the particles from the screen. If particles remain they will dry and become very difficult to remove. Dried particles on the screen can cause clogging the next time you juice, so it's good to pay attention to this step.

2) Wash the cutter seperately, ensuring that water doesn't enter the end that connects to the shaft. Hand washing with a damp dishtowel is the best method. Do not soak the cutter.

3) The Champion juicer base can be cleaned with a damp dish towel.

4) Hand dry each item and pack the juicer away for storage.

Tip #1: Do not wash anything in a dishwasher. The parts can warp.

Tip #2: Do not wash anything in hot water. This can also cause parts to warp. Instead use warm water.

Tip #3: Store your Champion juicer with the cutter not attached to the base. This is because you must oil the shaft each time you use it, and if the cutter is stored in place on the shaft, it is too easy to overlook this step.

We hope these Champion Juicer instructions have simplified the process for you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by a new juicer, but after reading this page you should be up and running in no time flat!

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