Can You Juice with Magic Bullet Blenders?

Magic Bullet Juicer. Magic Bullet Blender. The Same Thing?

Question: Can you juice with Magic Bullet Blenders? This question comes up often enough that we figured we'd write about it for all of you who might be wondering about the Bullets juicing capabilities.

Can You Juice with Magic Bullet Juicer Blender?

magic bullet juicer

Answer: A little bit. It is best at juicing "very" soft things like oranges, strawberries and mango. Basically it can handle soft fruits, citrus and berries. Instead of juicing it is more like blending however. There is some pulp extraction but most of the fiber and pulp from your fruits will stay in the juice.

When it comes to vegetable juicing, this little bullet just doesn't have what it takes. Yes, yes, the infomercial says it is a juicer in addition to being a blender, food processor, salsa maker, etc. Reality isn't always found on t.v. though.

The Bullet Express just doesn't have enough durability or strength to act as an all-purpose fruit and vegetable juicer. Carrots take an inordinately long time to juice using the blender and it seems to seize up on them while it is juicing them.

With soft fruits, berries, and citrus... the Magic Bullet is perfectly capable. They are soft enough for the Bullet to juice quickly and easily.

The bottom line? Without getting into the durability issues surrounding a Bullet Express, and focusing just on its juicing abilities... purchase it with caution if you are expecting it to perform as well as a real juicer.

It is more of a smoothie maker/blender than a juicer. If you want to do a lot of juicing, or were considering replacing your juicer with the Magic Bullet, steer clear. If you want to juice up some oranges on occasion, it will be up to the task (long-term durability issues aside).

What's a good alternative? If you're new to juicing consider the Juiceman Jr. It's a nice inexpensive little package that excels at juicing.