Breville Juicer Reviews

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer Models Compact, Plus, Ikon and Elite.

Check out these Breville Juicer Reviews so you make the decision on whether this line of juice extractors is right for your needs. Read on for a full review of each model in the Breville Juicers line:

breville juicer

Breville is turning into a household name, and for good reason.

The company, founded in Sydney Australia, has been in the small home appliance business since 1932.

With close to a hundred years in operation, they are known for quality products, and their extensive line of juice extractors hold up to the test of time.

With an endorsement from Oprah (who listed Breville in her recent best gifts category), they have become one of the best known household names for juicers and other kitchen items.

The company carries the Breville Juice Fountain Compact (BJE200XL $99 msrp), Breville Juice Fountain Plus (JE95XL $149 msrp), Breville Ikon (BJE510XL $199 msrp), and the Breville Juice Fountain Elite (800JEXL $299 msrp).

With prices ranging from $99 to $399 it can be difficult choosing the right model, let alone knowing if a Breville is the right choice for your needs. We're going to break it down for you with an overview of Breville juice extractors, followed by individual reviews of each model.

Breville Juicer Reviews

breville juicer reviews

This brand is best known for it's 3 inch wide chute, lightning fast juicing time and easy clean-up. The 3 inch wide chute is the largest in the industry, with only two other companies, Jack Lalanne and Lequip, matching it's size. A wide chute means there is much less time spent on prep work, chopping all those fruits and veggies into manageable chunks.

The wide chute, while a great time-saver, does cause some issues. Many people have found that it does not take "whole apples" as advertised. If an apple is small it can be placed into the chute with no chopping, but if it is standard size or a large size apple, it does need to be cut in half. Also, the wide chute and lessened need for chopping causes the engine to work much harder than if the produce is chopped smaller. As a result some users of some models have found their motor does not last and needs to be replaced more frequently than with some other brands.

One model in particular, the Juice Fountain Plus, appears to have some serious motor issues (read more in the review of that model).

The layout of Breville juice fountains are very convenient and stream-lined. The manufacturer has gone out of its way to create a sleek, sexy machine that fits in nicely with modern kitchen fashions. You won't be hiding a bulky and stained juicer out of site with this brand. You'll be proudly displaying it alongside your stainless steel appliances.

This line of juice fountains are also time-savers, extracting 8 ounces of juice in a quick five seconds. This is based on its centrifugal design. Quick juice extraction is a feature common in centrifugal machines, and is very handy for busy families on the go who don't have time to spend all morning getting a glass of fresh vegetable juice together. The speed of this machine in contrast is also a downfall for some families. Quick juice extraction heats up the liquid and many health professionals feel that vital enzymes are destroyed by a quick extraction process, lessening the health benefits of home juicing.

Once again, whether the speedy efficiency of a Breville is a plus or a minus depends on you and your lifestyle. If you are a casual juice enthusiast who doesn't want to spend alot of time on processing and clean-up, Brevilles are a dream come true. If you are a "serious" juice fanatic, a slower twin gear brand is a much better choice. Although you will sacrifice speed and easy clean-up with a twin-gear, your enzymes will be intact!

The line of Breville extractors are best for people who juice several times a week and want a sleek, quick machine with a good reputation for quality. For people with a daily juice regiment, producing several quarts of juice at a time, a single gear or twin gear is a more appropriate option.

Read our individual reviews of each of the juicers in the Breville line below to find out which one gets our Don't Buy Warning and which one won our Top Choice Award.

Breville Juicer Reviews

Read our specific juicer reviews of each model in the Breville line.

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