Best Juicer $200 for 2010

What is the best juicer for $200? We've reviewed, rated, compared and sorted.
Now we have a winner!

We give our top choice award for the best overall juicer in the $200 category for 2010 to the Juiceman Pro. For just shy of two hundred bucks ($179 retail) it delivers with style, verve, and power.

best juicer $200 category

The Juiceman Juicer Pro JM503 shines with modern stainless steel styling. It's new good looks aren't the only reason we give it two thumbs up though! With a 1000 watt motor it can slice and dice its way through anything (except wheatgrass).

It was a tough choice for the overall $200 category winner. The top competitors were the Juiceman Juicer Pro and the Breville Juice Fountain Ikon with similar features, juice yields and ease of use. But in the end, we're going against mainstream opinion and handing the award to the Juiceman Pro.

Let's do a point by point comparison of the two models before we break down the reason we chose the Juiceman Pro...

the best juicer for $200
The Juiceman Pro JM503

runner up best juicer for $200
The Breville Ikon BJE510XL

$179 MSRP $199 MSRP
Centrifugal Juicer Centrifugal Juicer
1000 Watt Motor 900 Watt Motor
3 Speed Juicing 5 Speed Juicing
Large Feed Chute Large Feed Chute
Stainless Steel Body Stainless Steel Body
Child Proof Safety Feature Child Proof Safety Feature
Juices Soft and Hard Veggies Juices Soft and Hard Veggies
Juices Soft and Hard Fruit Juices Soft and Hard Fruit
Juices Citrus Juices Citrus
Juices Greens
(except wheatgrass)
Juices Greens
(except wheatgrass)
1 year warranty 1 year warranty
1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Fast Juicing and
Clean Up Times
Fast Juicing and
Clean Up Times

As you can see, just looking at the specs, these two juicers are neck and neck. The main differences are that the Juiceman Pro has a slightly bigger motor and the Breville Ikon has 2 additional speed settings.

So why'd we decide on the Juiceman Pro? First let us say that in this price range either model is a good option. We've given both a Top Choice Award, but the Overall Best Juicer Award for the $200 category goes to the Juiceman Pro.

There have been a few reports of motor blow-outs with the Breville Ikon. Nothing as extreme as experienced with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus model (the next model down in the Breville line at $149), but enough to make us feel wary, especially since there's only a 1 year warranty.

With the Juiceman Pro JM503, we have yet to see a negative user review. They may come, but every single one we've run across has referred to an older model of the Juiceman Pro series (Handy hint: check for model numbers when looking at reviews!).

Salton, the manufacturer of the Juiceman Pro has completely redesigned this juicer so it hardly resembles the old Pro's in body styling, motor watts, or efficiency.

Based on those reports of motor burn-out potential in the Ikon, we're giving the award out to the Pro instead.

On a last note, at $200 you're right in between the "cheap short-term juicers" and the "built to last juicers". Before spending this amount, consider if you want a juicer that's sure to last for a decade or longer, or if you don't mind a shorter life span for your appliance.

In our "every so humble" opinion, it makes more sense to go with a less expensive $100 juicer with almost the same features as these, or step up the game just a little and get a durable machine with a 5, 10 or 15 year warranty on it. (That's just our 2 cents though!)