Best Juicer $100 for 2010

What is the best juicer for $100? We've reviewed, rated, compared and sorted.
Now we have a winner!

We give our top choice award for the best budget juicer in the $100 category to the Juiceman Jr. For $100 it is packed with more features and juicing capabilities than any of the other comparably priced models available.

the best juicer for $100

We think the Juiceman Junior is the best in the $100 category because of it's wide juicing range. Most juicers at this price range either do hard veggies well or soft fruits and citrus well. Hardly any can handle both, but the little Juiceman Jr. does! It's also got a nicely sized 700 watt motor, large feed chute for less pre-chopping, 2-speed juicing, a stainless steel exterior and child proof safety features. All for a hundred bucks? Pretty amazing folks...

Let's break it down with a point by point comparison of the runner up in this category, the Brevillew Juice Fountain Compact. For $100 you get:

the best juicer for $100
The Juiceman Junior JM400

runner up best juicer for $100
The Compact Breville BJE200XL

Centrifugal Juicer Centrifugal Juicer
700 Watt Motor 700 Watt Motor
2 Speed Juicing 1 Speed Juicing
Large Feed Chute Large Feed Chute
Stainless Steel Body
(real stainless steel)
Silver Satin Finish
(painted coating)
Child Proof Safety Feature None
Juices Soft and Hard Veggies Juices Soft and Hard Veggies
Juices Soft and Hard Fruit
(berries need coaxing)
Juices Hard Fruit
(has difficulty with soft fruits)
Juices Citrus Doesn't Juice Citrus
Juices Greens
(excluding wheatgrass)
Doesn't Juice Greens
(or wheatgrass)
1 year warranty 1 year warranty

Both the Juiceman Junior and the Breville Compact are great little budget juicers. We think the Junior outpaces the Compact in terms of variety and special features, but before you make a final decision check out our individual reviews of both juicers to find out what is the best juicer for you.