Benefits of Elderberry Juice and Extract

Benefits of Black Elderberry Extract, Syrup, Liquid, Juice, Capsules and Supplements. Powerful Immune Boosters for Colds, Flus and Viruses.

Benefits of Elderberry: I've been working in health food stores as a nutritionist for many years. One of my favorite ways to help people during flu season is to turn them onto black elderberry juice and extract.

Benefits of Black Elderberry Extract for Flus, Viruses and Colds

benefits of elderberry flu virus remedy

Elderberry juice is a fantastic natural remedy for viruses, including the dreaded bird flu, swine flu or H1N1. Phytochemicals in elderberry juice prevent the virus from attaching to and invading cells. Blocked from entering the cell structure, natural components of your immune system called Killer T cells are able to find and engulf the virus. The immune system at its finest.

The trick to using an elderberry flu remedy effectively is to drink a teaspoonful every hour. It's most effective when taken at the onset of symptoms. As soon as you start feeling bad, start sipping elderberry syrup or juice. Keeping it present in your bloodstream is more effective than just taking a single large dose. This is true of many natural remedies.

There are many ways to get the health benefits of elderberry juice. The most effective way is to juice your own elderberries. If you aren't able to get fresh elderberries to eat or juice, elderberry juice is available in most health food stores or on websites selling natural remedies.

In my experience, I have had really good results with Planetary Formulas, Wyldewood Farms, and Nature's Answer. Elderberry juice is also available as elderberry syrup and elderberry tincture. Elderberry wine is also a particularly fun way to get the benefits of elderberry.

Elderberry juice tastes great, making it easy to give to children or people who are fussy about taste. If you are prone to getting colds or flus, take a teaspoonful every day during cold and flu season. That will be a cost effective way to use elderberry to keep from getting sick in the first place.

For any skeptics out there, the science behind the benefits of elderberry juice is solid. There have been many high quality elderberry juice studies done that demonstrate these benefits time and time again. This is another case where the folklore proved to be completely accurate.

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